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Helping you provide clarity, context & the exact steps you need to overcome Injury, Recover better & Return to Performance.



Sports Therapy

A system of screening/orthopaedic testing on muscles, ligaments, joints & nerves, hands on treatment followed by exercise/strength training depending on the stage of your injury/pain.

Golf Performance

The combination of a physical assessment and performance testing (KPIs) help to provide a great deal of information to help prepare a plan for you. Take care of your body to maximise what the club can do.

1-2-1 Coaching


Using first level principles we are looking to build a robust and resilient system that can become the underpinnings for performance, return from injury and physical longevity.



I've had too many of you come to me after seeking advice elsewhere but for some reason things haven't quite improved or you are at a loose end. 

When it comes to assessing your pain, recovery and performance strategies there really is no better approach than an in person, hands on approach.

Striving to be at the forefront of research and techniques so I can enable you the best possible outcomes, I don't believe you should be left behind nor the notion of 'that's the way it is...', should be the case without critical reasoning.


You will respond differently to your cousin and your work colleague or fellow athlete but with care and attention, let's actually get you where you need to be!



280 Bishops Square, London


The Yard CrossFit

Unit 1, 133 Copeland Park Road, London

SE15 5LB

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