Bridging the gap between

Pain, Recovery & Performance



Sports Therapy
A system of screening/orthopaedic testing on muscles, ligaments, joints & nerves, hands on treatment followed by exercise/strength training depending on the stage of your injury.
Golf Performance
As TPI Medical 2 Certified, we can bring you the very best in cutting edge screening, assessment  treatment & performance care. Take care of your body to maximise what the club can do.
Strength & Conditioning
Getting the fundamentals of movement are vital for longevity, sports performance and returning from injury. We use techniques to reduce the risk of injury, whilst becoming stronger and better conditioned.


AR Pro Performance

The feeling someone has when daily life, training or sport is enhanced is just part of the reason why we do what we do. Plus the shear passion for anything high quality.


We want you to move well, be strong and pain free so whatever you throw yourself into, you can be confident that your body is robust enough to cope. 

We strive to be at the forefront of research and techniques to enable you the best possible outcomes. We don't believe in being left behind nor the notion of 'that's the way it is...' should be the case without rational reasoning.


Each individual responds differently and with care & attention we can help you achieve your goals.



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