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The feeling someone has when daily life, training or sport has been enhanced is just part of the reason why we work with individuals. We want you to move well, be strong and pain free so whatever you throw yourself into, you can be confident that your body is robust enough to cope.


Using a process for assessment, treatment and rehabilitation we also want to be sure your return to activity/sport is optimised through later stage rehab. An area than can often be missed but is vital for reducing the risk of re-injury and preparing the bdy for the demands needed.



Sports Therapy

A system of screening/orthopaedic testing on muscles, ligaments, joints & nerves; hands on treatment followed by exercise/strength training depending on the stage of your injury.

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Strength & Conditioning

Training that consists of quality & effeciency of movement, stability, strength & power building an all round robust body.

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For Golf Performance

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We are here to assist you in your recovery whether it be a specific injury or day-to-day overuse. The earlier you can get to work the less likely your pain will be become problematic both short & long term.


We can help treat, but not limited to...


Jaw Pain

Shoulder Pain

Tennis/Golfers Elbow

Back Pain

Repetitive Strain Injuries



Nerve Entrapments


Knee Problems

Shin Splints

Plantar Fasciitis

Sports Injuries

incl. strains & sprains